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DFW Collaborative is your local nonprofit makerspace (some might call it hackerspace), in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. Currently, we aim to be a partner in our neighborhoods and want to contribute society and in our communities. The mission for us is to grow organically and organically support our local community and serve their interest inside out. Our organization serves the DFW Metroplex and our activities are geared towards meeting multiple different needs and niches in the DFW area for individuals and groups to get particular services which only we can provide. You might ask yourself what is it we do, so our makerspace is a unique institution that provides infrastructure and resources for many disparate individuals and groups with the tools, knowledge and experience of everyday people like all of us who are part of our community at DFW Collaborative.

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We can be described in many different ways and our activity and effect can be described as affecting many different categories of activity. We as a makerspace or as sometimes popularly called a hackerspace provides the inhabitants of Dallas-Fort Worth with a place, tools, know-how, labor, knowledge, education and other resources to help you make your project and finish it through the power of people and collaboration. At the same time for those who are getting help are part of our community and in turn can contribute their own time, expertise, labor, knowledge, education, and other attributes to help others, just like they had received help. As you can see our value is both inside and outside the immediate community because everyone who interacts with us are people who can help others in our community.

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So, we all help each other and we are here to help you. So, if you want to help yourself and help your community which is also our community, you ought to help us out and help yourself. What we want to be is your go to place to get any of help or tools or labor or knowledge or the know-how to do a whole host of things that you would like to do and need help accomplishing them. We are open to any person who has some skills or knowledge or tools to contribute for the benefit of our local inhabitants and eventually being part of a sibling group and one day karma will work and they will also get help from others.

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If you are an engineer, a scientist, an artist, a theoretician, a mechanic, a seamstress, or any other specialist with some skill, you can help your local community and yourself if you join us and help us make our community better. A lot of projects have been worked on inside of makerspaces all over the United States. And we plan to be a makerspace (hackerspace) which also strives to do just that. We want to hold and work on projects that are very special and unique. It is a place for learning and having fun while learning. We also plan this to be a nonprofit organization. We want to do this as a NPO because this will be for our local communities in DFW.

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Please, come join us when we are open.

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